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From Georgia To Arizona: David Hutcheson

David Hutcheson was born in a small town in Northwest Georgia, currently based in Tucson, Arizona. David ties big flies for big brown trout. “Fly tying provides me with an outlet to enjoy my passion for the outdoors even when I can’t physically be there.”
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A Blend of Tradition and Innovation: Marko Milosevic

Marko Milosevic was born and raised in the heart of Serbia but now lives in Oslo, Norway.  His flies are a blend of tradition and innovation and is known worldwide for his unique style and photography skills.
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Loon Outdoors Presents: Tailgate Cocktails - Campfire Hot Honey Old Fashioned

It’s been a long day on the river, you’re back at camp, and it starting to get a bit chilly. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite camp cocktails for warming up, the Campfire Hot Honey Old Fashioned.
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Arts and Crafts: Fly Tying with Shane Schuster

Shane Schuster resides in Bend Oregon and Reno/Tahoe Nevada, commuting between the two for work as a firefighter and paramedic.  “My fly tying journey began when I used to take my son at a young age to Lake Mead Nevada to fish for carp."
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Loon Outdoors Presents: Golden Ghosts with Dagur Guðmundsson

Dagur Guðmundsson, who spends over 320 days per year fishing and guiding, has lost sleep wondering why carp, the Golden Ghosts, refuse to be caught.
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Jesse Rochester: Tying Flies in "The Valley"

Born in Fort Kent, Maine, Jesse is wrapping up his Ph.D. in biomedical science and engineering while creating instructional fly-tying videos on his channel, Mainley Flies. The focus of his channel is to introduce the hobby to new people.
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Fishing is Fishing with Kevin Price

Kevin Price finds solace and spirituality on the water, connecting with memories of loved ones he's lost and finding a deep sense of self, away from the bustling city and its constant activity.
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Brett Downs: Filmmaking and Fly Tying in the Rockies

Brett Downs is a 20 year old fly tyer and fly fisherman from Colorado. He has a huge love for the sport and the outdoors and has developed a love for photography and videography, helping him to capture memories on the water and at the tying bench.
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Navy Vet, Photographer, Fly Tyer: Meet Juraj Sabol

Juraj is a talented fly tyer, photographer, Navy Vet, and father who began tying beautiful flies after becoming introduced to the sport through a Project Healing Waters outing.
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